Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a process of therapist and client together developing the kind of talking, listening and relating that helps you grow and develop and heal past painful experiences. Evidence from brain imaging is confirming the therapy process can help alter brain functioning in your favour, establishing new patterns of relating and responding to stressful situations.

Whilst a simplistic distinction, psychotherapy can be seen as a deeper form of counselling. You can learn skills that can bring fast relief, and having a ‘space for you’ where you can talk things through can feel greatly beneficial. Whilst therapy may not be long-term (depending on the extent of your problem and the depth you wish to go to), hoping for a ‘quick fix’ is unrealistic to effect deeper level change or address long-established patterns of feeling, thinking or behaving. Crucially it is the relationship which develops with your therapist which provides the vehicle for deeper healing. Both counselling and psychotherapy work from a basis of building a trusting relationship in which you can feel safe enough to explore the issues you need to.

I offer either counselling or psychotherapy depending on your particular needs and wishes. You may be new to therapy perhaps contemplating it for the first time or having had some limited prior experience of it. Whilst just a few sessions may be all you require, it is important to give yourself the benefit of regular sessions – I generally work a minimum of weekly sessions (at least for an initial period). You may find it challenging to think about looking at issues you have kept buried, or even to contemplate giving yourself that amount of time to focus on you! But change is a process so it is normal for some issues to take some months or longer to achieve a real, sustained shift.

Alternatively, you may already know you are looking to engage in a psychotherapy process, recognising your own need or wish for this or perhaps seeking to look at previously addressed issues which you are now needing or wanting to explore further or more deeply. This involves us in a longer-term commitment to your therapy process.

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

Working individually entails one-on-one sessions to assist in addressing the issues for which you are seeking change.

‘Couples’ Counselling

Inner distress, such as anxiety or depression symptoms (and the current or historic causes of these experiences) can have a big impact on your relationships with your partner or other loved-ones. Or relationship problems can themselves generate symptoms such as anxiety and depression. I offer counselling to couples (heterosexual, same-sex or transexual) and other relationship pairings (such as mother:daughter) where one or both parties are experiencing the pain of relationship problems. Couples counselling tends to be of shorter duration than individual therapy depending on circumstances and needs but can also be longer term if required. Whilst your relationship is the key focus of the sessions, attending to individual difficulties and needs can also be part of the process.(Medicare rebates are not available for couples therapy).

Telephone & Skype Counselling

For people within Australia but unable to attend my practice in Newtown due to distance, mobility or disability issues, I offer therapy via telephone or Skype. As this is not suitable for everyone or for all issues, I would have a preliminary (free) discussion with you before arranging a first session. For sessions themselves, you would phone me on 0413 427700 (or Skype) and pay the session fee into my nominated account. (Medicare rebates are not available for Skype or phone sessions)


If you want to overcome your symptoms of anxiety depression or emotional pain, consider counselling or psychotherapy with me.


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