Women: Struggling with Symptoms of Anxiety or Depression?

Help through Counselling & Psychotherapy

Like many people, you may have spent much of your time looking after or providing for others. Maybe in looking to be a good partner, daughter, lover, parent or friend to others you have lost a sense of who you are, or feel torn between what you’d like for yourself and what you think is expected of you.

And even if you do experience areas of success in your life, you may struggle to have a sense of meaning and purpose and feel lonely or empty, or have difficulty achieving or maintaining satisfying relationships. Or perhaps you have persistent feelings, thoughts or memories from the past that cause you pain. It could be something that happened recently, or it could be a traumatic or difficult situation that happened years ago.

Things just don’t feel right. You may even be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. You may worry or be fearful much of the time. Or, you may simply feel low and deeply sad. Your feelings are intense and are preventing you from living your life fully.

Can you relate to any of the following experiences of anxiety or depression?

Some Key Symptoms of Anxiety

  • You experience signs of panic (racing heart, breathlessness, fearfulness).
  • You avoid social situations, or feel stressed about leaving the house.
  • You’re often on ‘high alert’ or feel like you’re ‘walking on eggshells’, or feel restless or tense. Or perhaps you have bouts of irritability or anger
  • Self doubt or losses of confidence sometimes paralyse you,.
  • You have trouble saying ‘no’ or setting boundaries with others.
  • You have the same thoughts over and over that you can’t seem to control.
  • You have frequent nightmares or intrusive memories.
  • You overuse alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, or other things to de-stress and feel calmer.


Some Key Symptoms of Depression

  • You feel a deep sadness and perhaps find yourself crying a lot.
  • You struggle to feel motivated or interested in your life.
  • You are often lonely or miserable, even if you are able to put on a happy front to the world around you.
  • You sometimes feel you can’t go on, perhaps you have even had thoughts of suicide.
  • Experiences in your past still bring up painful memories or difficult feelings.
  • You have difficulty sleeping, or sleep too much.
  • You feel like ‘something’s missing’ or have a feeling of longing or emptiness inside.
  • You struggle with feelings that you are not good enough.


If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone.

Many people go through these experiences over the course of their lifetime. Research shows women are more likely than men to experience both anxiety and depression.

You may be experiencing symptoms arising from relationship difficulties, such as with a partner, parent, or friend. Or perhaps these symptoms in you or your loved one are contributing to your relationship pain?

No matter how depressed or anxious you feel you can get relief through counselling – either individually or, for relationship help, as part of a dyad (such as with a partner for couples counselling).

You don’t have to keep battling this on your own.

Through counselling/therapy with me you can have:

  • Positive feelings about yourself and your life.
  • Increased ability to manage and tolerate stress and change.
  • A greater sense of calm and a greater sense of aliveness
  • Freedom from negative habits of coping such as over-eating, alcohol or drug use, problem gambling, self-harming   or other ‘self-destructive’ patterns of behaviour.
  • Happier and healthier relationships.
  • A sense of purpose in life and optimism about your future.
  • Greater confidence, hopefulness, and ability to assert yourself.
  • Strength to set and maintain boundaries with others when you need to.

What makes me different from other therapists?

I have well over a decade of experience working as a therapist helping women overcome anxiety, depression and the pain of past, traumatic experiences, and helping couples with relationship difficulties.

I am passionate about the power of counselling / therapy to bring healing and help free you from the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression. I am committed to being fully present in the process with you, regardless of how long it takes. I know that with persistence, intense feelings of deep sadness, worry and fear can be overcome.

As a therapist, I bring a blend of skills, experience, and proven methods that offers a holistic approach. Through counselling, we not only work directly on the symptoms you experience, but also look for the causes of your pain so that we can resolve it at the root level.

My style of counselling also takes into consideration your experiences and roles as a woman in society and the impact this has on your depression and anxiety.

If you want to overcome your symptoms of anxiety or depression, consider counselling with me.

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